Radio Amateur Links

The Universal Coodinated Time Is: Clock
US central time is: US Naval Observation Clock - Central Time

ARRL Outgoing QSl Service
ARRL Incoming QSL Service
ARRL Numbered Radiogram Service
ARRL Web Homepage
Amateur Radio Examination Page
Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV Page
Astar Electronic Plans
American Radio Relay League

Amateur Radio Information Service From Jersey AMATUER RADIO (Jersy Island)
Buckmaster WorldWide Ham Callsign Database

Buckmasters Callsign searcher
Cushcraft Antenna Homepage
Fair Radio Sales - Miltary Surplus
Grove Electronics - Scanner/shortwave radio store

Ham Radio & Audio Page
International Q Signals
ITU Phonetic Alphabet
International Morse Code
Kenwood Communications Corp. Homepage
KRAS hompage
"Meteor scattter link"
QRZ Callsign Database

R-S-T- System
Time Conversion Chart
US Amateur Bands
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign
Weather World

FRO Friviliga Radio Organisationen i Sverige


Programs from Finland
IRC chat programe
CorelDraw & Photoshop links
Free Backgrounds - Index
IBM and Lotus software download library
AIX Library Server
AIX Library Server
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Free Fonts
Free Fonts
Free Windows 3.1 Programs WinZip Home Page
Logitech Corporation
3D Realms Entertainment
Internet Phone
Compaq Computers
Dell Computers
Quarterdeck: HUB
Html Writer
Resources for Icons, Images, and Graphics
Bethesda Softworks
Symantec Online (Norton Utilities, Anti-virus, Navigator, etc.)
Creative Labs
Reveal Computer Products
Cirrus Logic

Map collections
CIA Atlas of the Middle East
Middle East

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